Andrew McDiarmid has recently launched a Patreon portal for supporters of his Scottish music and culture podcast Simply Scottish. Since 1999, Simply Scottish has promoted Scotland on the air and online. Now, listeners and fans have the opportunity to financially support the podcast to help Andrew produce more content and reach more listeners. By subscribing, supporters can tap into bonus episodes of the podcast, show notes for each episode, exclusive Scottish articles from Andrew on a variety of helpful topics, and a discount on Simply Scottish Shortbread. Patron and Guardian level supporters get even more, including quarterly hangouts with Andrew, free Scottish shortbread, the ability to get their questions answered by Andrew on the air, and more.

One example of the bonus content available to Andrew’s Patreon clan is the first installment of a new occasional series called Off The Shelf, where Andrew highlights Scottish books from his own collection as well as new and recent titles. In Part 1, Andrew features Scotland: A Concise History, by Sir Fitzroy Maclean. He shows why this accessible history book is still in print after decades, and shares a bit about the fascinating life of its author, Fitzroy Maclean.

Exclusive articles are another perk available to subscribers. For example, in “Planning a Trip to Scotland? These Episodes of Simply Scottish Will Inspire You,” Andrew hand-picks several episodes of his podcast that are loaded with ideas and inspiration for someone planning a trip to Scotland. Whether you want to experience the excitement of the capital city of Edinburgh, venture out into the wild highlands, or take in the peaceful tranquility of Scotland’s border country, this helpful article will give you ideas and inspiration to help make your trip unforgettable.

If you like Scotland and are drawn to the country’s history, beauty, and mystique, consider supporting Andrew in his work promoting Scotland. You’ll unlock current and future benefits you won’t want to miss.

Watch Andrew’s invitation to join the clan below:

Click here to see membership levels and subscribe today!

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