The Epoch Times is an impressive publication. Its coverage of daily news rivals other established outlets in both quality and quantity. Not only does it report on the troubling events of our modern world, it also goes out of the way to bring readers positive news, as well as an abundance of health and wellness features. The publication is guided by the principles of truth and tradition, a policy that makes it somewhat of a rarity in today’s news media landscape. It even has a For Kids Only section, with stories, facts, and activities designed just for the next generation.

So I was excited to make contact recently with the editors of the Mind & Body section of the newspaper, who are interested in running updated versions of some of my past technology articles. I write often to encourage people to live authentically in the digital age – to become a Tech Boss and unleash their full human potential. I’m pleased to update my articles and share them with Epoch Times readers.

The first piece I’m contributing to The Epoch Times originally ran in the New York Post on New Year’s Day 2023. It reports on a recent study on thinking conducted by researchers in Japan and England. The results of the study suggest that people typically avoid activities they deem useless or a waste of time, including the act of just thinking. Many of us reflexively reach for our phones when we get a few spare minutes, and we often deny ourselves small sessions of thinking that can have a number of benefits. My article discusses some of those benefits and challenges readers to work in up to 20 minutes of just thinking every day.

Read the full article: Hang Up Your Phone and Just Think

Note: the article is free to read, but you’ll need a free Epoch Times account to do so.

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