I was invited to spend an hour on national radio last month to discuss my work in education and Scottish culture. Janet Parshall is host of the nationally syndicated radio program In The Market with Janet Parshall. In addition to tirelessly defending traditional American values and equipping listeners to live out their God-given design, Janet is also very proud of her Scottish ancestry! So she was excited to talk with a fellow Scotsman and included classic Scottish music throughout the episode. We talked about the enduring legacy of Scottish poet Robert Burns, and the argument I make for Burns helping us to avoid another civil war in 2022. We also discussed Scotland’s fight for religious freedom in the 17th century and how it influenced the founding of America. I shared with her how I got started with my Scottish show Simply Scottish back in 1999. And we also discussed parents’ rights in education, based on points I make in an article at The American Spectator in response to President Biden’s recent comments undermining parents.

As I explain to Janet (at the 26 minute mark):

“This is a trend to undermine parents that we’re seeing. It’s almost like these educational leaders and elites are saying, well, we know you can’t do much about it, you 80%, 90% of the population’s parents who have kids in public school, so we’re just going to take for granted that we have your kid. Your kid is ours. And that’s one reason I wrote about president Biden’s comments a few weeks ago to teachers of the year. Hey, the students are not someone else’s children, they’re like yours when they’re in the classroom. And as I pointed out, in any other era, we would’ve understood what a president of the United States meant when he said this, but not in this one. It does not match up with the reality of public school classrooms today.”

Listen to the full episode below!

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